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Over time, and through customer requests, it became clear that a traditional book face was needed in the TypeCulture collection; one that could be used almost everywhere. And the popular Expo Sans™ family was in need of a companion serif type.

The process of designing Expo Serif Pro began with form trials in 2005 and went through extensive development until production was completed in 2008.

One look at Expo Serif Pro reveals that it is much more than merely a clone of Expo Sans Pro with serifs. It was made with the same spirit and expressiveness but not designed to be an identical twin. Expo Serif Pro combines easily with Expo Sans Pro while maintaining its own warmth and integrity.

This typeface can serve you in loads of tasks and media. Numerous languages are supported by its large glyph complements and language codepages. It has a full range of ligatures, swash caps and enough OpenType features to make fulfilling the most complex typographic specs a walk in the park.

Expo Serif Pro is a typeface family for the professional toolkit. It is robust enough to perform well in all kinds of uses and processes. Like Expo Sans™ Pro, it is highly readable and has the ability to project a quirk of personality without becoming obtrusive.


Expo Serif™ was selected a winner in the 2009 Type Directors Club typeface design competition.


Image - Regular styles
Image - Italic styles



OpenType Features

  • All Caps
  • Small Caps
  • All Small Caps
  • Swash Caps
  • Proportional Lining Figures
  • Proportional Oldstyle Figures
  • Tabular Lining Figures
  • Tabular Oldstyle Figures
  • Inferiors/Subscript
  • Superiors/Superscript
  • Numerators
  • Denominators
  • Fractions
  • Ligatures
  • Discretionary Ligatures
  • Historical Forms
  • Ordinals


CFF PostScript OpenType
(see Technical Support for compatibility)

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