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Expo Serif Pro Light

Expo Serif Pro™ Light Text Sample

Expo Serif Pro Features

Expo Serif Pro Specifications:
CFF PostScript OpenType
(see Technical Issues for compatibility)
OpenType features:
All Caps
Small Caps
All Small Caps
Swash Caps
Proportional Lining Figures
Proportional Oldstyle Figures
Tabular Lining Figures
Tabular Oldstyle Figures
Discretionary Ligatures
Historical Forms

Expo Serif Pro Pricing

Computers Single Package† Family‡
1-5 $75.00$119.00$399.00
6-10 $114.00$158.00$490.00
11-25 $231.00$275.00$763.00
26-50 $426.00$470.00$1218.00
51-75 $621.00$665.00$1673.00
76-125 $1011.00$1055.00$2583.00
126-175 $1401.00$1445.00$3493.00

‡Complete Family 8 fonts.

†Available Packages:
(2 fonts per package)

  1. Light & Light Italic
  2. Regular & Italic
  3. Semibold & Semibold Italic
  4. Bold & Bold Italic
All prices are in US dollars. For enterprise, OEM or web server licensing, please contact TypeCulture.

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All fonts are available for immediate download after purchase. After completing the checkout process, you will receive a link by email which will download your order. The link will stay active for 36 hours. Fonts downloaded from TypeCulture.com are compressed in zip format.

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